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PFM Roofing professionals saved our home and our belongings from severe damage after a storm. During the last severe storm, our Carmel home was damaged by a tree that fell onto our roof. We did not know what to do. The water was seeping into our attic and our living room from the roof damage caused by the tree. To make matters worse, it was the weekend.

We called PFM Roofing not knowing what to expect. After listening to the description of the damage, they told us that our roof might require temporary emergency repairs to prevent further damage. The roofing contractors of PFM Roofing come to our home to inspect the damage within a few hours. They explained that our homeowner’s insurance policy probably required us to make temporary repairs to mitigate any further damage. Within a few hours, the temporary repairs were in place to keep the water from seeping into our home. We were grateful for the quick action by the roofers to prevent further damage and protect our family.

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