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Most Common Roof Types in Carmel

Most Common Roof Types in Carmel

When it comes to roofing your home, the variety of options out there can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider, for example the structure of your home, the weather, or most importantly, your pocket. In our experience there are three main roof...

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Think you Have Hail Damage

Thunderous thumping, loud popping, and clattering on the streets—there is no mistaking a hailstorm as it blankets your neighborhood in a slushy coat of ice. But when a powerful thunderstorm drops a burst of hail, the impact can be felt on more than your ears....

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How to Know When You Need Roof Repairs

So, what are the early signs of needing to call in a roofing contractor? There are a few things to look for: Inexplicably high energy bills; a sudden spike in heating or air conditioning costs can be one of the first warnings that warm air is leaking from a building’s...

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A Leaking Roof is an Urgent Problem

The most serious consequence of storm damage or the simple aging of a roof is water intrusion. It’s serious business, and left unchecked it can lead to challenges like: Attic or interior ceiling damage and compromised structural integrity from damage to rafters,...

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